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Jim Slip video – Hunting Down Young Slutty Pussy

Hi there. We are back with some fresh content and tonight we have for you this amazing video which presents horny Jim Slip hunting down a young college student. The blonde will have her holes stuffed by Jim’s cock tonight and his wife will be the one who is doing the recording. So watch this mature British stud fucking a young college pussy just for your viewing delight while his wife is filming the entire scene. They are doing a great job tonight, so follow the link bellow and watch them in action.

As you already know, our Jim prefers younger pussies. They always do what they are told and this time was no exception. This dirty little blonde wrapped her lips around Jim’s hard tool sucking it hard, as she was told. The scene will start with her exposing her amazingly hot outfit, walking up the stairs and having her white panties all over the camera. Her sexy black stocking and that tiny school skirt make her fuckable as hell. She is taking off those panties and her shaved pussy will be exposed. Watch her rubbing her clit while Jim is shoving his cock down on her throat. The two will engage in a hot 69, that young slut sucking once again on that hard tool and having Jim licking her sweet cunt. Right after, that little slut will be fucked from behind, Jim making her moaning and stuffing her pussy hard. Watch her also hoping on top of Jim’s hard tool and riding it on that couch, bouncing her big tits up and down for your viewing delight. JimSlip will take her in all kind of hot position and for the great finale, the nasty stud will take all his jizz right between her tits, rubbing the cock on her nipples. Enjoy them!

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Jim Slip Private Lessons

Here we are again with a great scene and horny Jim Slip got himself a horny teen to teach her some sex moves. He had this one condition: to go on camera while giving his private lesson. The teen accepted and here they are, enjoying a relaxing fuck and taking care of each other’s intimate parts. Jim will teach her how to move on the cock and she will repay him with a nice deep blowjob. Watch the lucky bastard pounding a fresh pussy once again.

As you will see, this hot chick was really excited to go on camera. She said that this might be her debut in porn. Well, she can have a great career with that amazing body of her and the cute face. She is very expressive and will moan loudly just for your viewing delight. But let me tell you how they did everything: so the teen started with a blowjob. She said that this is what she saw in porn. She was doing it right, sucking and slurping all over that tool. Then she will be bended down and will receive a nice fucking from behind. Watch her having her pussy stretched by Jim’s fat cock.

JimSlip will spread her legs wide open and will stuff his cock into her aching wet cunt. The teen receives a nice doggy fuck from behind from mature Jim, then she will go on top and will ride his cock. It seems like the teen knows some moves and does pretty good. Watch her fucking and sucking on the camera for the first time. Also, Jim will put her down on her knees in the end just to make her taste his creamy cum a little. She will hesitate a little, but in the end her face will get sprayed anyway. Cum inside to enjoy the entire scene. Watch horny Jim fucking this sizzling teen and spraying her cute face for the great finale. Have fun!


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Mr. Slip’s College

So another week has passed and this horny silver man found himself another two hotties for fucking. Watch Jim Slip having his cock sucked by these two hot women. A blonde and a brunette was his company last night and now they will be your company. Watch them taking care of his cock and getting their pussies roughly fucked by the meat stick and for the great finale, they will share his cum for your viewing delight.


So this little pervert found himself two chicks, so will give us a double dose of porn. Watch him giving them tiny sexy outfits and getting them kissing. What can be better than sitting back and watching a blonde and a brunette kissing and touching all over. Right after, the two will undress horny Jim and will take care of his tool. After a double blowing, the two chicks will take turns on riding the mature cock. As you well know, this mature British guy prefers dirty sex and this time will be no exception, fucking these babes senseless and spraying them in the end with his creamy semen.

Women nowadays prefers experienced men and Mr. Slip is just perfect for any of those women. He has that great experience and will know exactly what to do and how to do everything. Watch him fucking them from behind until his creamy cum is cuming out. He’ll jump up just to get their faces painted in white, not those round asses. The hungry babe will taste that jizz, kissing each other with the mouth full of semen. These two will not forget any soon about the amazing fuck, that is for sure. I’m sure this one entertain you. Have fun watching everyone and I’ll see ya al next time. Bye!

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Cute Brunette Blowing

Another week just passed and Jim Slip is back with his new catch. This silver man loves young babes, sop he got himself one. Take a look at this cute brunette who will suck on his meat stick before she’ll stuff her pussy with it. The babe is a horny teen who loves mature cocks and always wanted to go on camera while deepthroating a hard one. Just watch her having her tongue fucked, then riding the popsicle.

It is great to see a young beauty like this one tasting a mature cock like Jim’s. that simply make my cock popping a hard one. I bet her pussy taste so good and sweet. No wonder this old guy prefers the younger one. Anyway, the cute brunette over here put on her teen outfit and started the scene by exposing her amazing body. She will pull up her skirt and a nice hairless cunt will be all over the camera. She got Jim in the mood and will be all over his cock for a Cum Clinic Handjob in no time.

So there she is, grabbing his cock out of his pants and putting it straight on her tongue.  She’ll suck on it eagerly, making that cock throbbing. After a couple of deepthroats, the horny brunette will hop on top of that cock and will ride it hard. She is having some amazing moves for her age. Watch her tits bouncing up and down as she goes up and down on that cock, then getting fucked from behind. Just make yourself comfortable and prepare for some amazing JimSlip scenes. Jim will be back with fresh content, but till then, take a look at this hot scene starring a young lady on Jim’s tool. Enjoy!


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Jim Slip Threesome

Tonight is the night you will take a double dose of hot scenes as horny Jim Slip found these two gorgeous babes and engaged in a hot threesome. The brunettes were eager to appear on screen and we gave them exactly what they were looking for: a hard tool to share and a camera. Make yourself comfortable and watch them licking and kissing each other, then taking good care of Jim’s mature cock.

It seems like this silver stud has a great success to hot women. Jim Slip always gets them in his bed and they will also accept to go on camera during the fucking session. This week he had even a bigger luck as two amazing babes accepted to try a piece of his meat stick. So watch the starting the scene with some kissing and touching. Wearing some incredibly hot outfits, just like horny Dominica in this amazing scene, the babes will start without JimSlip. All this just to get him in the mood. Anyway, They will engage in a hot 69, getting to lick each other’s pussy on camera.


All good, the girls are licking each other and Jim is now ready for them. Watch him going straight to them and shoving his cock into one wet pussy it was laying on that carpet for him. So one of them will have a wet pussy on her face while her pussy will stuffed with Jim’s hard tool. This scene in so amazing, it simply cannot be missed. Watch horny Jim getting a double blow from the two brunettes, then having his cock ridden by the two gorgeous babes. These two will share his dick, taking turns and riding it and sharing the cum for the great ending. I’m sure this one will make your cock going crazy. Have fun watching, everyone!

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Babe Rides Cock

Jim Slip is back on screens and he just found this stunning MILF to put her on cameras while fucking her holes. She has that hot curvy body that makes your cock going nuts. She loves riding and her tits are perfect for a titty fuck. She got what we need and looks amazing on camera. Anyway, this is a good one, so you better not skipping it. Just grab a seat back there and get ready to drool.

As you can see, the MILF loves to be on camera. She will slime provocatively, exactly like a porn star. I see somehow a great career here. Anyway, this hot babe will show us her sexy outfit first, then she’ll touch herself a little just to get crazy JimSlip in the mood. She will also drop on her knees and will put her big all natural tits on his cock, inviting him to titty fuck her. Watch her licking on his cock while he slides it up and down between her tits. This one also know how to blow and will make sure we see that. So after that nice titty fuck, the horny lady took the cock into her talented mouth and sucked on it like there’s no tomorrow.

She will receive a nice pounding from behind, then she’ll take charge, hoping on top of him and riding hiss tool hard and fast. The MILF knows her moves and how to do to satisfy her wet pussy.  I’m sure the scene will make your cock as hard as a rock, begging you to jerk off this horny slut. Watch her receiving an insane facial in the and see how those dribble of creamy cum are painting her face in white. Enjoy them and check back next time for fresh content! Bye!


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Petite Slut Banged Hard

Hello there, my dear friends and welcome back! Here we are with a fresh scene as we’ve promised and this week Jim Slip made us a nice surprise. He will bang this blonde on camera, but lucky for him, he was gorgeous and hungry for mature cock at the same time. She will wrap those juicy lips around his cock and will suck like there’s no tomorrow. He found the perfect slut for the scene, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s see what the horny blonde is capable of.

jim-slip-petite-slut-banged-hard She started pretty good, exposing her amazing body and touching herself all over. The sizzling blonde will show us her gods right before she’ll suck on Jim’s hard tool. Anyway, watch her taking off her panties and showing to the camera her nicely shaved cunt, then wrapping her lips all around that cock, getting JimSlip as hard as a rock. She is sucking and slurping like a real slut. What can be better than sitting back and enjoying a professional blowjob. Anyway, that babe got her mouth full of hard cock and made sure it is ready for her other holes.


In no time, she will be down on the floor, with her legs spread wide open, waiting for Jim to stuff that eager pussy of her. She will receive a rough side fucking from behind and that nicely shaved pussy of her will be on the camera just for your viewing delight. Enjoy her receiving a nice rough hammering and some nasty jizz for the great ending. Just cum inside and see what this one is capable of. Have fun, everyone and check back next week for fresh content. See ya all then!

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Jim Slip – Dirty Sex

Hi there. Like always, Jim Slip found another babe for fucking and this time he had a great luck. This filthy mature guys picked up this horny blonde and got her in front of the camera. As far as I’ve seen, there are a lots of hot women out there who are willing to taped themselves while having sex. And the living prove is Jim, who finds every week a babe for fucking. Anyway, as I said, this week he found this blondie who will spread her long legs for him. Just watch and drool.


Well, the scene started by putting her sexy outfit on. She will touch herself a little and Jim will take her clothes off in no time. Our blonde is wrapping her lips around his cock and the real action begins. Watch her getting her throat gagged and her pussy stuffed by one mature cock. The sexy blonde will receive a nice pounding from behind and you will see her spreading her legs wide open just to give us a better view to her cunt and to make sure Jim’s cock goes balls deep inside her. It is pretty clear for me that she is a cock hungry slut and the last scene will prove that with no doubts.

After JimSlip takes her in all kind of hot position, banging her fast and hard, like no other, the sexy blonde will drop down and her lips will suck once again on his tool. Watch her tasting once again that cock and receiving a nice jizz load all over her juicy lips. I guarantee this one will make you pop a nice boner. Just enjoy the hot fucking session back on our www.jimslip.com website. I’ll see ya all next time with fresh content. I will leave you in her company till then Have fun!

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Alexis Riding Jim’s Tool

Hi there and welcome! Jim Slip found another whore for his hot scenes. Like always, he dressed her up in that sexy outfit and put her on his hard cock. The babe did her job and got paid in the end. Anyway, this one did a great job, so we brought her on your screens. Just take a look at her riding his cock, moaning in pleasure and taking his creamy jizz for the great finale. I guarantee she totally deserves your time.


As you already know, Jim prefers naughty secretaries and there he is, hitting another one. JimSlip approach her in a bar with the indecent proposal and for his amazement, she says yes. On the road to studio, she confessed that she always wanted to appear in a porn production. Anyway, the babe looks amazing: big round ass, nice tits, long legs and a wet pussy, ready to be stuffed. She put on that amazingly hot out and she started to touch herself in front of the camera. Watch her taking off her panties and showing off her clit to the camera while rubbing it hard.

She is ready for some real action now, so she will grab Jim’s hard cock and will shove it straight into her mouth, getting it hard and wet and ready for her cunt. After all that sucking, she hopped on top and got her pussy stuffed for your viewing delight. That meat stick will penetrate her pussy and for the grate finale, she’ll have her round buttocks sprayed with his creamy jizz. Just cum inside and enjoy the entire episode. See ya all next time with fresh content. Bye!

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Jim Slip and Dominica

Jim Slip is back and the lucky bastard found another hottie for fucking. This stunning babe will bend for his cock and Jim will fuck her from behind on camera. As you will see, she is was pretty enthusiastic about his idea and said yes pretty fast. Anyway, we are glad we have Jim and his persuasive skills. He’ll bring new babes every week and you will enjoy them riding his cock or getting their tongues fucked on camera. Anyway, this is one of his best, so let’s see what he did tonight.

As you can see, filthy Jim bend that beauty and fucked her from behind. She got that amazing business woman outfit and will start the scene by touching herself a little. Wearing no panties, Dominica will touch her pussy in front of the camera. Jim Slip will pull up her skirt and will shove his hard cock deep inside her wet cunt. Wearing her sexy block stockings, high heels and that office outfit, Dominica will make your cock popping a nice boner. The babe has some skills and I hope we will see her around as her huger for cock is pretty obvious.

dominica-and-jim-slip Well, she will not stop there. What her wrapping those juicy nice lips of her around Jim’s hard cock. Sucking and slurping, she’ll make that creamy balls juice cuming out, straight on her tongue. She got her pussy pounded and her throat gagged and in the end she took all hid jizz. Have fun watching this horny mature guy fucking a young hottie on camera every week. See ya all next time with fresh content and I will wait you on our website for the entire episode. Have fun!


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