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Jim Slip Summer

This week we’ve got Jim Slip Summer, a beautiful Russian babe from Saint Petersburg. She got into contact with JimSlip.com  as she required to make some cash, since her last job in a constructing company did not pay much. Therefore what better individual to turn to, rather than that great pervert of adult porn, Jim Slip. He was a little bit stressed initially when she revealed that she had tiny experience regarding sex. He was as well trouble by the heavy features. After rubbing his eyes and slapping himself, he realized that sweet Summer had in fact, changed into a complete stunning lady in sexy stockings and alluring high heels, who was eager for cock!


This sexy and cute flight attendant was more than happy to take care of this dude and all his needs what ever they may be today. And as you can see she was really dedicated to it as well. Watch her taking off her sexy and hot outfit to present Jim with her sexy and perky curves, and then see her sucking that big penis to get it nice and hard too. And of course she also gets to take a nice ride on the hard cock as well with her wet cunt. Enjoy it!


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Jim Slip & British slutty blonde

Turns out Jim Slip has been friends with one of the most prolific male porn stars of the past age. And of course we’re talking about none other than Ron Jeremy. Slightly less active today Ron Jeremy and Jim  Slip  both work on a blonde teen’s pussy to show her that even older cocks can still fuck a pussy pretty good. Well we know that you will enjoy seeing this nice co-op fuck sort of speak with the classic porn star, and let’s see this cutie getting her holes worked without further due.


You know that Ron has kept active in the porn industry for quite some time, and his cock is still as big as ever, and just as famous. This sexy lady had the chance to have some fun with these two big dicked guys and she took her time to enjoy it. She gets each and every hole worked today too and you get to see it all. Watch her sucking Jim’s nice and hard cock while Ron himself uses his big cock to fuck her nice and tight cunt today. Have fun with it and see you next time as per usual!

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Linda Shane gets shagged

Linda Shane is a slutty teen that always has her way with guys she meets. Tonight though she had Jim Slip trying to pick her up. Curious about the fact if an old guy still had it to fuck her wet and wild teen pussy like guys her age, she went along with it. And she didn’t regret it in the end, as Jim fucked her very good indeed. We know that you guys are eager to see this amazing blonde babe getting fucked too, so let’s get started without further due and see her in action shall we?

Miss Linda like we said, is one super horny and sexy blonde babe and she gave Jim a run for his money today to say the least. She always likes to fuck her men hard enough so they walk funny after, but as you know Jim himself likes to have as much sex as possible too. So they were pretty evenly matched today in their little fuck session. Watch the blonde babe riding that cock nice and hard all afternoon long of the floor today, and see you guys next week once more with more amazing updates!


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Jim Slip and Valerie Rosen

Valerie Rosen is tonight’s name of the lovely teen that fell prey to Jim Slip ‘s huge cock. The lady was kind of drunk when she told Jim she bets he couldn’t fuck her good, so Jim went out of his way to prove her wrong on this one. See this brown haired beauty get taught a lesson as she receives a proper pussy pounding tonight. Well miss Valerie here sure got her pussy worked out for today and you can bet that she’s going to be wanting more soon as well. But for now let’s just enjoy this scene of hers.


Miss Rosen is a beautiful and cute babe with long dark blonde hair, and she always loves to engage in a good fuck. And as she saw today, Jim is always happy to provide the said fucking too. In her scene you get to see the hot and eager babe as she works that cock with her mouth to get it nice and hard for her pussy. And then you get to watch her riding the said cock cowgirl style all afternoon long and moaning in pleasure as she gets fucked nice and hard too. See you soon guys and gals!

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JimSlip fucking a Polish Babe

In his ever lasting quest to fuck beautiful teens JimSlip got his hands on a foreign lady from Poland. She was on a trip and she got intrigued by Jim’s advances toward her. Seems like she got very turned on because not an hour later this lovely blonde haired lady was riding Jim’s cock like a porn star. At least she’ll have some nice memories from her trip. And how could she not when she had her nice and eager pussy fucked balls deep by the always horny Jim and his nice and big dick.

This Polish beauty is going to learn how americans like to do it, and she seems to love it too. Enjoy seeing her taking her cute panties off for the cameras as well, and then see her spreading those legs for Jim to insert his cock in her cunt. Then you can see her moaning in pleasure while she gets a nice and hard dicking from this stud. And he didn’t stop pounding her cunt until she orgasmed as well. So enjoy the superb fuck scene and see you guys soon as per usual with another sexy scene!


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Melons Marie

In today’s update Jim Slip makes a change of pace. This time he has a very slutty and sexy BBW mature that’s about to rock his world and cock tonight. This lady is named Melons Marie and she got that name because of her huge breasts of course. Enjoy her riding Jim’s cock in this awesome update. Until next time you get to have fun seeing this nice and sexy curvy babe as she gets a piece of Jim’s cock in this nice and hot update. So let’s see her in action without delay today.


As another fresh week started we just had to bring you this scene. You know, she’s not called the way she is for nothing. She has some pretty impressive tits, and all guys love to play around with them. Anyway, like we said, she had Jim’s cock all to herself for this update and she was fully intending to take advantage of it today. Watch her oiling up that thick cock of his, and then see her taking her spot on top of it. And have fun seeing her sexy curves jiggle as the cock pounds her nice and hard too.

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Jim Slip & Madison

Tonight Jim Slip lucked out on his quest to pick up beautiful teen ladies from the clubs in the evening. He found himself alone with a teen named Madison that’s always looking to try new things when it comes to sex. And it was her first time fucking a guy double her age. Well suffice to say her pussy wasn’t disappointed. Well what can we say, you are in for another great show with another sexy and hot babe as she rides some serious cock that Jim provides for this nice afternoon today.

Madison is a sexy blonde babe with long blonde hair and just some brunette locks. She also has a passion for kinky lingerie, and to entice Jim today, she sure dressed up for the occasion. Watch her putting on a great show to parade her sexy body first, and then see her taking off her panties to reveal her amazing and eager pussy to you guys too. Enjoy watching this smoking hot woman as she rides that nice and big cock for this afternoon, and see you soon with more nice and hot updates just like always!


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Jim Slip & Isabel Ice

Isabel Ice is tonight’s lady that has her turn to ride on Jim Slip ‘s huge cock for the night. The short haired mature lady met Jim at a local bar and after a little talk the two found each other very attractive. So Jim took her to his place where he fucked the living daylights of that mature pussy of hers for the whole night. Enjoy another scene with Jim and a new babe as she gets that nice and big cock of his deep inside her lovely and tight wet pussy for this whole afternoon everyone.


Like we said, miss Isabel is a sexy and hot MILF and she just loved to fuck. Well Jim loves that too, so for this afternoon they both get to do what they love most. Watch as Jim gives this short haired beauty some nice oral sex as he licks her pussy and gets her even more wet, and then see her spreading her legs for him to fuck her nice and hard today. Enjoy seeing that sweet pussy pounded nice and deep by Jim’s big cock and do come back next week for some more amazing and hot updates just like always!

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JimSlip & Katie Fox

As always JimSlip returns victorious from each one of his nightly endeavors of fucking teen pussies to show them that older men still have it in them to make a woman come. And tonight it was Katie Fox’s turn to ride Jim’s hard cock. Like many others before her, she got a proper dicking up her pussy until she climaxed. Well as you know, Jim does like to please his ladies, and this babe was in for some nice and hard style pussy pleasing this fine afternoon with him.

You get to see this babe making her entry clad in her sexy and kinky lingerie today, and straight away she catches the eye of Jim. Sit back and watch the cutie going straight for his cock, and see her sucking and slurping on it to get it nice and hard. Then you can see her bending over and presenting Jim with her lovely and sexy rear end that was eager for a dicking. Enjoy watching her getting fucked doggie style and see you guys next week with some more amazing and hot scenes!


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Blonde teenie slut

Jim Slip is one hungry old dude. He just has to have his daily ration of fresh teen pussy. And today he has lovely Maya working on his rock hard big cock. The girl didn’t know what to do at first of fear that the guy is too old, but Jim showed her he doesn’t break so easily while he fucked her pussy like a champ. Enjoy seeing this older guy as he gets his groove on and manages to score another sexy and hot lady to fuck for this evening. So let’s watch them in action without delay shall we?


Jim was very lucky to get to have this sexy lady for tonight. And as you can see, she’s quite the cute and sexy little blonde with a huge appetite for cock. And that’s exactly what Jim likes to see in his women. Enjoy sitting back and watching as the naughty babe whips out his cock, and then see her working it with her juicy lips to get it nice and hard. You also get to see her taking a nice and rough fucking on the bed as well as Jim pounds her wet pussy as well for the rest of the scene!

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